David Kavesteen MD FACCkavesteen

– Board Certified in Cardiovascular Diseases
– Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine
– Board Certified in Internal Medicine

David Kavesteen, MD, is a graduate of Medicine from SUNY Health Science Center. He completed his residency at the prestigious New York University Medical Center and continued further education in Maimonides Medical Center specializing in cardiology and cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiology Fellowship
Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn NY

New York University Medical Center, New York NY

Medical School
SUNY Health Science Center, Brooklyn NY
MD with Distinction in Research

State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY
B. S. with Honors in Biochemistry. Magna Cum Laude.


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“The Potential Impact of a Fully Automated External Cardioverter-Defibrillator in Centrally Monitored Hospital Units. “Jacob Shani, Gerald Hollander, David Kavesteen, Henery Cusnir, Rohit Tongia. 52nd Annual Scientific session of American College of Cardiology March 30 –April 2, 2003 Chicago.

“Effect of continuous warm blood cardioplegia and reperfusion on the transcriptional activity of Creatine Kinase mRNA in rat’s myocardium.” Remsey E. S, Anderson J. E, Kavesteen E. D, Brunner R. E, Cunningham J. N, Wait R. B. 28th Annual Scientific Symposium of the Hungarian Medical Association of America; Oct 27-Nov 1, 1996, Sarasota, Florida.

“Differential Response of Heat Shock Protein mRNA Transcriptional Regulation in Rat Atria and Ventricles During Warm Blood Cardioplegia and Reperfusion” Remsey, E. S., Baig, M.A., Anderson, J. E., Kavesteen, E. D., Siddiqui, M. A., Brunner, R. E. 69th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association . Abstract #062903 Nov 10-13,1996. New Orleans, LA.